2001 CHEVROLET C3500 TURBO DIESEL DUALLY MOBILE WASH TRUCK Equipped with: Separate power plant 3-cylinder diesel pressure washer unit with  almost all accessories: 2 automatic retractable 500ft hoses, 3 sets of feed hoses, safety cones, brushes, buckets, about 30 gal of cleaning supply. The only thing missing is pressure nozzles. If you’re not in the pressure washer business and don’t need the equipment installed, there are 2 more similar trucks in stock that have same body, mileage an specifications and could be converted to be used in any industry. Please contact us to discuss the details. Condition: No leaks, no smoke, starts with no problems. All standard scheduled maintenance was done on time. From recent maintenance: front and rear brakes, full tune-up crossover pipe, two new batteries. Body: the vehicle is in good condition.  It does have some scratches and dents, not major, but they are there. Mileage: vehicle has ONLY 36K miles on it.

Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States

See listing for this 2001 Chevrolet C3500 Turbo Diesel Dually Mobile Wash Truck from May 21, 2016