The motor runs great!! The injector pump was replaced at 167k just before I got it.  The body is in good shape with no rust problems.  I just had it and the bed repainted because it had the usual Dodge paint probelem from the early 90’s. The inside of the truck is clean and the dash is not cracked.  I also just had the carpet out and there is no sign of rust in the floorpan.    The grille, front bumper, windshield with rubber gasket, and head liner are all new. When I bought the truck at 170k I rebuilt the transmission (518 AOD) and had the rear main seal replaced.  I also installed a Borgeson steering shaft and in the last year a new steering box.  The front end of the truck was gone through before I bought it at 167k.  It also had a new radiator installed at that time.  The A/C works and will blow cold on a hot day.  The power windows and door locks also work good, though I think the driver side door lock linkage needs some adjusting because it turns easy but using the key sometimes does not turn it far enough. The passenger side works fine 100% of the time.  The transfer case is a 205 that works good but does have a minor leak around the output shaft seal.  I replaced it when I got the truck and in the last year it has started leaking again, it’s an easy fix I just haven’t got around to it.  The tranny is due for an oil change and I have the filter and oil but have not done it yet. The battery is a Napa industrial that is about 3 years old.   The engine oil with filter, fuel filter, and air filter have  all been recently changed.  The engine antifreeze was changed when I put a new bearing in for the cooling fan.  I used a factory Timkin roller bearing ($122) not an aftermarket ball bearing ($40). The flatbed is a very well built heavy duty bed.

Location: Rathdrum, Idaho, United States

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